How to post job announcements

Sometimes the people who post announcements to the Nonprofit Tech Jobs list are not familiar with the general conventions of job descriptions, or with the recommended format for posting items to this list.  Therefore I am requesting that all list members (who wish to post to the list) review these guidelines:

  • First and foremost, your post must be an announcement of a career opportunity in nonprofit technology, or it will not be approved. Nonprofit Tech Jobs is not a forum for make-money-fast schemes, for circulating your resume, or for advertising jobs that do not have a clear benefit to the nonprofit sector.
  • Please put the following information in the subject field of your post: the job title, the organization that is hiring, and the location of the job. Here’s an example: “Network Engineer, TechFoundation (Cambridge, MA). Note that the city and state are parenthesized.
  • Please be very specific about the skills, qualifications, credentials, and experience that you are looking for, and about which of these are non-negotiable.
  • Please stipulate whether you are hiring on a full-time, part-time, or consulting basis. If the job is tied to a time-limited project, be specific about that. If hiring is contingent on a pending grant or contract, please say so.
  • If the salary, benefits, perks, and reporting structure are already determined, please consider including them in your post. Jobs that do not compensate workers with money (e.g., stipends, hourly wages, or salaries) are not eligible to be listed here; at minimum, you should indicate that you are announcing a paid position.
  • Please include information about your organization. Relevant information might be some or all of the following: your mission, annual budget, size of staff, organizational culture, and IT infrastructure.
  • Please include very specific instructions about next steps for individuals who would like more information or who are ready to apply for the position. Ideally, your post should give the name of the contact person, and his or her title, email address, street address, phone number, and fax number.
  • Once you have composed your job announcement, please send it in a plain text email to this address:

Thanks for your attention to these guidelines.  I hope that you will excuse me for belaboring the obvious, but I think that this will promote clearer communications for everyone involved.

Good luck in your search for the ideal candidate!

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